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A Brief Poll.

Greetings once again underlings.

As you may have noticed, for vocational reasons, I have had to cease my writings briefly. Unfortunately, still being caged at I am in my working life, my Millionaire mindset suffers, leaving me in a temporarily comatose state, or as I like to call it, temporarily lower class. To prevent this strange and unusual illness, you can support the cause using the ChipIn Box. As much or as little money as you can spare can help end this affliction forever.

On the plus side, I have today passed a tremendous milestone. If you glance to the ChipIn Box… seriously, glance to the ChipIn Box. We can wait…………

Ok, good. You can see that I have over $100. This means that I am now 0.01% of the way to my ultimate goal. I’d like to thank all those who have helped me get to where I am now, but especially, myself. As your ChipIn Millionaire I have worked written existed hard satisfactorily tolerably for this money and I would like to thank myself most of all.

Of course, this milestone brings us to an important question. Now that I have some money in the account, should I start living the life now? Or should I wait for the full Million. If I start living the life now, what should my first purchase be? Leave your comments on this article and I’ll accept your judgement.

Until next time, may your fortunes be good and may you give me money.

– The Millionaire



  1. Vis says:

    Save until you have the full million. Should you make a habit of spending money as you acquire it, you may well find that by the time you have reached a million you’ve already spent it all, thus lowering your socioeconomic status to that of the ‘middle class’.

  2. Price says:

    I concur with my esteemed nemesis. Many people can be considered to have made a million dollars in the course of their entire life, but we don’t call them millionaires. It doesn’t count unless you have it all at once.

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