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Victory is ours mine.

Greetings loyal followers.

Through your contributions and hard work in getting the word out, we’ve surpassed an important milestone today. Today, I, your ChipIn Millionaire have become the most successful donations-based millionaire on the Internet. Some time after the start of this project, while working back through some of my search term hits, I discovered another kindred spirit who was attempting to reach the same lofty goal. Mark started his project way back in October 2006 according to his blog and in the last (nearly) four years, he’s managed to pull together $32.

Well, with today’s donation, I’ve made the tremendous jump from $31.69 to $50.00, thus putting me $18 ahead of Mark, who is, I presume, well and truly feeling the dust that I commanded my driver to kick up. As Mark is the only competitor I have as yet been able to identify (there is a second pretender who exists on facebook, but who does not publish donation data), I am confident that this officially makes me the most successful donation-supported Millionaire on the Internet, with 56% more success than leading competitors. I’m fairly certain that there’s a trophy of some kind for this tremendous feat. And of course, while you, my loyal, loyal readers and contributors have made this victory possible, this trophy should of course, go to me, the orchestrator behind our grand victory over the forces of Mark.

The above is a reenactment using a paid actor

Thanks again to everyone who got me to this point. This is another incredible milestone in the tale of the ChipIn Millionaire. But now isn’t the time to sit on your laurels, unless you want your laurels crushed. Now is the time to act! To contribute! To give me money!

– The Millionaire.

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