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Analysis for the rest of… you.

Despite the aforementioned delays, here it is as promised, underlings. One analysis. As you can see, I’ve made some progress since our last update and I’m getting very close to a major milestone. What is the milestone? Well, I can’t make the announcement until I pass it, can I? What I can announce though is some new numbers. As of today, I’m at the grand sum of $31.69 which, I’m sure you’ll agree is a vast improvement on the sum of $21.26 (For values of vast that are equal to $10.43). So, what does this mean for my average donation? Well, that means it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for. Time to check the projection software package.

So, the average contribution is $3.52, which is a 50 cent increase on the previous sum. Even so, $3.52, when one looks at it, isn’t much to part with. So, what does my contributions per visitor rate look like, software package?

One contribution per 33.44 visitors. We’re falling, and pretty drastically. That’s nearly half the previous rate and there’s nobody to blame but you. That’s right. You. But before we start playing the blame game, let’s take a look at another major statistic, namely the total collected per visitor.

So, we’re talking about a bit over 10.5 cents per visitor. Again, a bit of a drop, but not too bad. Now, if you recall (and you should) last time I used the average contribution per visitor to work out how many visitors I needed, which came in at a bit under 6 million. Let’s take a bit of a different line on it this time, and look at the number of contributors I’ll need given the average contribution.

284,090 contributors is quite a few, but certainly not outside the realms of possibility. Of course, I’ll need 284,091 to be safe and that might be a bit of a stretch. Is last addition the one too many? Just to be safe, you’d best contribute today.

– The Millionaire.


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