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Poor Use of a Million Dollars.

Greetings again my loyal readers.

In my travels across the Internet today, I came across the story of a Swedish gentleman. This gentleman has found a novel way to spend a million dollars. It’s one I hadn’t considered, and with good reason. It’s a speeding fine. You see, this gentleman was found doing over two and a half times the legal speed limit. The fine came in at £650,000 – or $1,013,512.43 US dollars. Of course, with such a hefty price tag, even a Millionaire such as myself would have to try and duck it.

The culprit is assumed to be a young driver - Top Hat not pictured

This gentleman was doing speeds of over 300km/h, or 186miles/h or 161 knots. There are very few reasons to drive at such speeds, though the main one for a Millionaire is of course, being late to a Millionaire Party. Alternately, the gentleman had been on time to a Millionaire Party, but realised that he had left his top hat at home and had to rush back to get it. One does have to wonder if he had his top hat with him when he was caught and whether or not it was detected by the speed camera.

Artist's impression of the incident.

Ultimately, this incident proves that the true measure of excess is the ability to take a speeding fine of more than a Million dollars. It’s something that I aspire to. There’s only one thing standing in my way. You. Contribute now.

– The Millionaire


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