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Current Estimates!

Greetings my less-fortunate friends.

Time to give you guys a quick update on how this online non-charity telethon is coming along. Remember, our operators are standing by to take your money. Please, give as much as you can to this very, very … existing cause.

So far, as anyone who has glanced to the right will see, we’ve seen great success from our first donation, tipping the scales at $0.01. What does this mean for the success of the project, I hear you ask? Well, since ChipIn only allows me to run an event for one year, this donation will allow me to make a prediction of the outcome of this event.

I’ve put together the following overall estimate using some state of the art prediction and data modelling software. If you’re having trouble reading it, you might need to upgrade your computer, which I do apologise for, but frankly it’s the only way to get such accurate data to you, my loyal reader.

Success estimate

As you can clearly see, I’ve rounded down the result so as to not include the additional half-cent. To create this eerily accurate projection, I’ve taken the amount made so far, divided it by the number of days that have passed so as to work out a daily average donation, then multiplied that by the number of days in the drive. All very complex stuff.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this DeLorean-less, Phonebooth-less trip into the future as much as I have. Of course, once I have my million dollars (Which, according to current estimates will be 551461AD) we won’t have to settle for a DeLorean-less trip, will we? More on that later.

– The Millionaire.


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