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I’ve made it to the big time.

Many, many thanks to you, my lower class friends.

The website hit a new milestone yesterday. I, your favorite Millionaire, have had to moderate spam comments. I’ve made it. I am somebody. Clearly, people think that by adding their unsolicited advertising here on the ChipIn Millionaire, they can draw some serious water. Twice now they have tried, and twice my keen Millionaire eyes have been able to spot the difference between a legitimate post and one with a link to a Russian adult site in it. I am a master of the Internet, clearly, which once again goes to show that Millionaires are better than regular people.

‘How’, I hear you ask. Of course, ‘How’ alone isn’t a question, especially in the context in which you’re saying it. Upon asking for more information though, I find out that you’re asking how they found your humble Millionaire. Well, these masters of marketing did it the same way a number of you have. A Google search. A Google search for “Millionaires wanting to donate large sums of money” – One can hardly blame them for not realising that rather than a Millionaire wanting to donate large sums of money, I am a soon-to-be Millionaire wanting to accept donations of large sums of money. I will also accept small sums of money.

Of course, this brings me to the main point. Please remember that donating to the ChipIn Millionaire doesn’t have to be a large sum. The average donation at the time of posting is only $3. If you can spare $3 for a frivolous cause, please remember that every little bit counts. The only way this project can succeed is through your generosity, my friends. Through your hearts. Through your willingness to care. Through your willingness to tell everyone you know about this project. Through your willingness to spam on my behalf. But most of all, through your willingness to let me have something that I want because I said I want it. Often.

– The Millionaire.


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