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Spending the Cash

They say your first million is the hardest to make, and I’m certainly finding that to be true at the moment. $0.00 is not the most impressive amount, but I’ve been at this for a day now and I have to persevere.

So, here’s the big problem I face at the moment. Once I have my One Million Dollars, I’ll then need to spend it somehow. Of course, that’s going to have to be my cross to bear, but I do intend to burden my readers with my whining about it.

Here’s some ideas.

  • Private Jet (too expensive)
  • Private Island
  • Mansion
  • An Awesome New Car
  • Charity (too philanthropic)

I’ll go into more detail on each of those points in later posts, but there’s just some of the things I plan to spend your money on. Once you send it to me. Which you should do, immediately.

– The Millionaire.


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