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A Briefish Progress Analysis

Hail and well met, humble traveler.

It is once again I, your Millionaire. I thought today that we might like to take a quick look at the statistics that have been generated by the site so far.

7 days have passed since we started this wild million dollar ride and in that time, we’ve had 122 unique visitors to the site, giving us, well… let’s check the projection package.

So, approximately 17 brand new visitors a day, once we’ve rounded it down. Hardly shabby for word of mouth. Let’s take a different route on that though. This far the total number of site visits has been 356. So, let’s take that to the analysis suite.

So, our average visitor has made 2.9 visits. Not bad, not bad. Means we’re probably getting a few people that pop by then never come back, but not too bad. So, what does this mean for the primary aim? Well, given that we’ve had 7 donations thus far, let’s take a quick look.

So, for every 17.5 visitors, we get a donation. Not bad, not bad. Let’s switch gears again and take a look at the average donation. Perhaps we can get an idea of the final requirements for success.

So, there we have the average donation per donor and the average donation per site visitor. So, using this information, let’s take a look at how many site visitors I’ll need in order to reach this lofty goal.

Only 5.8 million or so visitors in order to make a million dollars. It’s almost too easy. At this rate, I don’t need complex projection suites to tell me that I’ll be able to start spending my million in only 912 years.

Big things are looming on the horizon my friends. That million is smelling closer by the minute! Please remember that three dollars may not be much to you, but to me, it’s worth a million dollars.

– The Millionaire.



  1. Geoff says:

    By my calculations you have not posted since 25.07.10. If you want $1,000,000 for doing nothing you could at least post regularly…

  2. You do raise a good point, though if I were posting regularly it wouldn’t be doing nothing. That would make it like a job, or worse, a job.

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