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A Triumphant Return Part II – Millionaire Ascendant

Greetings once again, paupers of all stripes.

How you have managed to endure without my attentions for so long continues to perplex and amaze me. Lesser beings such as yourselves are not known for your ability to cope with a lack of authority without devolving into some form of moneyless anarchistic state.

But, as the title does indeed state, I have returned to lavish my attentions upon you and fulfil a range of promises. I bring to you Christmas Joy, a large slew of stories ripe for publishing. Those amongst you who have been good will find your stocking filled with my infinite, superior wisdom. Those less good will find themselves clawing in desperation for any hint of understanding of the true Millionaire lifestyle. I have a range of topics with which I will enlighten you, but don’t forget that as I am contributing to your increasing knowledge, I need your contributions to fuel my Millionaire fund. Every little bit helps.

It is of no small coincidence that according to the Sumerian Calendar, today is the day of the Rising Millionaire. Today I return to grace you again with my presence and take my true place amongst my fellows. At this point, I once again leave you but to further whet your appetite I leave you of this taste of the new dawn, a welcome to this era of the Millionaire. Know that this time, my return is nigh.


Be Prepared.


– The Millionaire

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