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A Naming System

Greetings Peons.

It is I, your Millionaire, with you once again to quickly discuss the last topic of conversation. I’ve decided after some community consultation that the best way to proceed is to allow you to have some level of input on the naming of my brand new Top Hat. To that end, I’ve created a Facebook poll. Some of the suggestions that I’ve seen thus far have been added to it, though anyone is welcome to add further options and promote them. The winning option will become the name of the hat at the moment that I complete my Million Dollar Goal, and the winner will be announced on this website, and presumably other websites.

I myself will not be announcing it, for at that point I will have a personal assistant doing such things for me. I will be a Millionaire.

So, to recap, here’s the steps you need to follow to get the privilege of naming my hat:

  1. Have the option you came up with in the Facebook poll (Either by having already said it, or adding it yourself.)
  2. Have the best option, or otherwise bribe/cajole people into voting for it.
  3. Ensure that I reach my Million Dollar Goal by making sure that people contribute.

By way of announcement, I’d like to also declare that until such time as I am a Millionaire and have declared a winner of this poll, my top hat shall be known as……….










Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. Not only am I a Millionaire, but I may be the most creative individual on the planet. Remember folks, to name the hat, I must be a Millionaire, so get your friends to contribute! Don’t forget to lead by example! I’m also seeking past contributors to restart the contributor interviews once again, so if you’ve contributed and would like to be interviewed here, send me an e-mail at!

If you’d like to vote in the poll, or add an option of your own, you can find it here.

– The Millionaire


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