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(Allegedly) Keeping the Rabble Down.

Greetings Rabble.

Just a brief check in this time as I continue with my incredible many-part epic, which I hope shall be drawn to a conclusion soon. Today, I wish to share with you the tale of a Millionaire who knows how to get things achieved. This man knows that in order to stay in our rightful place at the top of the food chain, we Millionaires need to ensure that the poor stay poor. Of course, the best way to ensure that the poor stay poor is to steal their money.

You see, the Millionaire in question, Mr. Robert Ludwig, allegedly came across an interesting thing. He allegedly found a credit card in a parking lot, belonging to Harrun Majeed, a military veteran and student. Of course, the most logical thing for any Millionaire is to ensure that the credit system which keeps the rabble in check is maintained, and to ensure that poor people owe as much money as possible. Knowing this, Mr. Ludwig allegedly proceeded to charge his Pizza to Mr. Majeed’s credit card, ensuring that our dominance over the finances of the world can continue unabated.

Understandably, as a superior human being, with wealth in excess of three million dollars, Mr. Ludwig was allegedly willing to support the cause of his fellow Millionaires, and allegedly ensure that Mr. Majeed allegedly bore the cost of his allegedly $40.64 dinner allegedly bill. Of course, this martyr for the cause was allegedly taken in by the blue collar officers of the law, and allegedly being a man of means from out of town, was allegedly treated with great disrespect for his alleged station. Mr. Ludwig, you are a hero to all of us.

A Pizza fit for a Millionaire

Well worth the jail time.

Ultimately, while I can allegedly applaud this man for allegedly supporting the cause of Millionaires everywhere, there’s one thing that a Millionaire should never lower himself to. Pretending to be a poor person.

Remember, until next time, your spare change is my Million Dollars. Chip a dollar or two in today!

– The Millionaire

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