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A Cunning Ploy.

Hello again Filthy Peasants.

Being the 2nd of April now in several places, I feel I should clear a few things up. Any descriptions of me that would describe me as common are flawed, and you are most certainly not my equal. The suggestion that I find my selfish greed to be a bad thing is clearly a ridiculous one. The $205 will certainly be staying with the most worthy cause known to man, being myself and my Millionaire fund. If these charities want money, they can set up their own Millionaire fund, as long as they pay royalties to me for the idea.

That’s right my readers, you have been had by my sharp Millionaire wit, though it did unfortunately require me to lower myself through use of such descriptive terms as “Commoner”

Many of you will be pleased to note that my goals are indeed to continue pushing forward with this grand plan, not the least of which includes acquiring a platinum plated vehicle, platinum plated expansive estate, and platinum plated manservant.

And if I were to have dancing girls and an Indian man, this would be them.

So, of course, as always, I encourage you to contribute today! What do you get out of it? Nothing but the good feeling associated with helping someone else, and the distinct possiblity that I might show you pictures of my expansive estates, once completed of course, so that you may daydream about one day being half the man I am and owning something similar.

– The Millionaire


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