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A Penthouse Plan

Greetings again, Plebs.

I bring you some news from my Millionaire style department, and it seems that one of my illustrious associates has opted to make over his expensive New York Apartments in a unique manner, as befits a Millionaire. Of course, whether or not his particular style has merit is is not up for debate. The design of course, is quite unbecoming and undistinguished. On the other hand, it does demonstrate his excess wealth and ability to install things for the heck of it.


The kind of landing that could only be softened by a large pile of money.

So, in addition to his slide, we also see here that this Millionaire has chosen to display his superior DNA on the wall for all to see, that the poor, should they somehow gain access to his penthouse can see in grandiose detail exactly how he is a better person than they are.

Of course, the grand question here is this, my friends associates readers. Does the fact that it now takes this Millionaire less work to get downstairs make up for the indignity of using the slide itself? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section for discussion.

– The Millionaire.

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