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Millionaire’s Garage Sale

Greetings once again peasants.

I bring you news of the movements of a fellow Millionaire. You may recall some time ago I analysed the style of my fellow Millionaires, and mentioned the stylings of Slash, Lead Millionaire for the Rock and Roll groups Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver. Well, this particular Millionaire seems to be cleaning out his mansion’s 39 closets and trying to give back to his supporters. He is currently selling a large collection of personal belongings through an auction site. The auction can be found here.

Of particular note and interest to me is this particular item:

One of Slash's many top hats.

A top hat of some renown.

Is a hat that has been worn by a prominent fellow Millionaire greater than a brand new hat, fresh from the hatter? More to the point, is a more expensive used top hat better than a brand new, cheaper top hat? Is the fact that the hat appears to be on a colour-inverted, monocleless version of my own head in this picture a sign that I should purchase it immediately?

These are certainly some things to consider, though I can only hope that the new owner of this top hat, valued at $1,500 at the time of this writing, does not use it to sneak into Millionaire Parties. Of course, this is assuming that a commoner somehow scrapes together the $1,500 and is willing to spend it on a hat, even one as exceptional as this.

Should I purchase this top hat immediately, or should I simply wish my fellow Millionaire the best of luck in his effort to clear more storage space?

-The Millionaire.


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