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Question Time

Greetings again, labourers.

I come bearing some excellent news. Your humble Millionaire is now sharing my grand wisdom at in an attempt to better understand the questions you have regarding Millionaires. Should you wish to ask me a question, you can do so by visiting the following website:

Of course, should you have a Formspring account, I would recommend following me, as you never know when you might miss a key piece of wisdom. Specifically, that one piece that so enriches your life that you never look at things the same way again. This happens quite frequently to people reading my writings.

In the event that you’re exceptionally lucky, I may choose to interact with you directly, potentially asking you a question in return, though it would be an exceptional and lucky lower class Formspringer that earned even a slight portion of my exceptionally valuable time.

Furthermore, should you feel a burning desire to have a question answered, feel free to ask it. You may even ask Anonymously, should you choose to be a coward. I’ll do my best to answer every question I get from you, my loyal public and ardent supporters.

Please be sure to give me the rousing welcome to Formspring that someone of my stature truly deserves and remember, until next time, give me your money.

– The Millionaire

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