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Millionaire Vacations

Greetings once again peons.

As I declared last time, in this post I will bring you a gift of knowledge, because that’s the kind of benevolent millionaire I am. As those who have read the aforementioned previous post should well know, my time between postings has been spent investigating Millionaire leisure time in great detail, going so far as to research the topic personally, which is exactly the kind of selfless act I am willing to put myself through in order to help you get a taste of the Millionaire life. You may thank me in donations, fair reader. As my research has now been completed, I can now explain the ins and outs of Holidaying like a Millionaire.

Above all, there is one very basic piece of information that even commoners like yourselves can understand about Millionaire Travel, and that can be summed up with my first incredible, stupifyingly outstanding heading.



There is something enthralling about the beach, and no Millionaire vacation is complete without a visit to one. Whether it be the luxury of a 5 star resort with a private beach or the rustic experience of roughing it at a 4.5 star resort with a private beach, Millionaires enjoy the sand and the surf. This enjoyment exists so long as the surf contains no surf whatsoever and is as flat and peaceful as glass because frankly, it looks better that way. The beach offers the Millionaire a chance to unwind and watch the sunset from ground level, a novelty for Millionaires, who traditionally watch such things from balconies, high above their expansive estates. It also provides a unique opportunity to demand drinks from wait staff, forcing them to trudge through sand to deliver. This is a feat normally impossible without several bulldozer loads of sand being dumped on a well-maintained courtyard garden, something which is inadvisable at best.


Millionaires Partying on a Beach

Millionaires enjoying a Millionaire Beach Party


When selecting a beach, often the Millionaire finds it difficult to decide on the best option. In some such cases, the Millionaire may delegate to a personal assistant, but in the event that they do not do this, the Millionaire always has one further option available:


Private Islands.

The private island is the best of many worlds in one distinct package. Many beaches, complete isolation, and in some cases, being far enough into international waters to safely ignore child labour laws. For a Millionaire, this serves the double benefit of adding extra workers to the holiday home mansion by inviting staff to bring their children along when you travel. Of course, they will just expect that their Millionaire is being giving and caring, and for employee morale purposes alone, that’s something that’s always good.


Millionaires: Offering young people valuable employment experience


Even in the event that a private island isn’t located in international waters, the solitude alone is reason enough for the Millionaire to consider one. Being surrounded by beaches, none of which have any commoners on them is always a great boon, leaving the Millionaire spoiled for choice, but when one truly wants to show off one’s Millions and be truly extravagant, there’s only one way to do it.


A Casino

The Casino, no matter the location is an excellent place for a Millionaire to spend some rest time and demonstrate exactly how wealthy he truly is.  Unfortunately, this path does require some commoners, but as their sole purpose in being nearby is to observe the Millionaire’s excessive and exceptional wealth, it can be overlooked. Unlike plebeians, Millionaire can easily afford food and thus do not need to reserve money to feed their unemployed children. Millionaires are always able to take another run at the Blackjack table, no matter how much they lost on the previous run.


James Bond, attempting to pose as a Millionaire despite lacking a Top Hat.

Of course, superior to a stay at a single casino is a stay at a whole casino town such as Las Vegas, which enables the Millionaire to demonstrate their tremendous wealth to a new audience each night, not allowing the performance to get stale and old, or allow unbridled jealousy to turn into violent outbursts, which tends to take a toll on one’s bodyguards. Of course, most Casino locations are far from beaches, which in itself is a great issue for the Millionaire traveller.


Private Yacht

Of course, one true mark of excess is the private yacht. Nothing truly says “I have too much money” like floating your private mansion across international waters. Like the private island, this has the major advantage of avoiding some child labour laws, lending the experience an extra level of servitude. In addition, the Yacht can dock at any number of beaches, depending on where you are, making every holiday a beach holiday, while still bringing your vast mansion along.

Ultimately though, the downside of the Private Yacht is that in order to float, some consideration must be given to the mass of the yacht, meaning that the Millionaire cannot bring a full mansion and must make do with the ridiculously tiny mini-mansion that the yacht can offer.


I feel claustrophobic just looking at it.


This brings to an end our enthralling look at a wide range of possible Millionaire Vacations, though there’s always more to discuss. It’s important to note that you can fund my research, by throwing a few dollars into my ChipIn Box on the right hand side. It doesn’t just help me! It helps you! To feel good about yourself! For helping me!

– The Millionaire.

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