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A Triumphant Return

Greetings once more, underlings.

It is I, once again, your faithful Millionaire. I have recently spent a great deal of time practicing my Millionaire holidaying abilities, and so it seems, not enough time conversing with my readership and furthering my own Millionairehood. Those days, my dear friends loyal followers are, for now at least, at an end.

I return to bring you all the latest news relating to how much I want your money and how I am achieving my goal of getting it. Additionally, I will be keeping you updated on all the things I intend to spend your money on. Of course, I find it very difficult to spend that money effectively while it is still in your pocket, so be sure to donate as much as you are able, or, for that matter, as little as you are able.

More money in my pocket and out of yours is always something I can support, no matter how little.

Stay tuned for the next posting, where I let you know how we Millionaire spend our vacation time and why you’ll never be able to afford such luxury.

– The Millionaire


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