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A fine expenditure

Welcome back again, labourers.

I come back to you after an admittedly overlong absence in order to inform you of an excellent purchase for someone of my exceptional wealth and class.

I’ve been informed by a reliable source that it is a reasonable investment, even for a layperson. An early prototype of a fully contained mobile life support system from the early 1980s. Originally designed for victims of massive burns and expected to sell for approximately $250,000 to $365,000, this suit protects the wearer completely from the outside world and boosts their physical strength.

So, I hear you ask, why, for the price at which more penny-pinching individuals might purchase a place to live exist, might someone purchase such a suit? Simple. I can do so. You cannot. The primary advantage, however, is that it would allow me, your Millionaire, to survive in the harshest conditions. It would also allow me to use my expertly manicured and extensive grounds as temporary living quarters if I so choose. Given the beauty of said grounds, it would be a wise choice for an extended visit.

Of course, someone in my position should not run the risk of being mistaken for a hobo. Your money can help remove that possibility. Please, give as much as you can to stop me from looking poor.

– The Millionaire

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