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Posts from ‘May, 2011’


A word to my enraptured readers.

Hello holy├é┬áplebeians. Just a quick note to let you know that if you’re planning on being enraptured this weekend, there’s no greater cause for those left behind than to support a Millionaire. You won’t be needing your worldly goods where you’re going, so please spare a thought for one prospective Millionaire who will be left […]

A Naming System

Greetings Peons. It is I, your Millionaire, with you once again to quickly discuss the last topic of conversation. I’ve decided after some community consultation that the best way to proceed is to allow you to have some level of input on the naming of my brand new Top Hat. To that end, I’ve created […]

Another Milestone

Greetings lowborn. I, your Millionaire, have today passed a milestone. No, it’s not a donations based milestone (Since I haven’t had a donation in over 6 months now, seriously, what is wrong with you people?), but in fact, another footstep on my Millionaire journey. Yes folks, that’s right. I arrived at home today to find […]


(Allegedly) Keeping the Rabble Down.

Greetings Rabble. Just a brief check in this time as I continue with my incredible many-part epic, which I hope shall be drawn to a conclusion soon. Today, I wish to share with you the tale of a Millionaire who knows how to get things achieved. This man knows that in order to stay in […]