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Posts from ‘April, 2011’


Typographical Analysis.

Hello again my humble peons. It’s once again time for an analysis post, that special kind of post where we pretend prove that there is something even vaguely scientific about this whole process. Today, my focus will be on my work to payoff ratio, just to give you poor workers an idea of just how […]


A Cunning Ploy.

Hello again Filthy Peasants. Being the 2nd of April now in several places, I feel I should clear a few things up. Any descriptions of me that would describe me as common are flawed, and you are most certainly not my equal. The suggestion that I find my selfish greed to be a bad thing […]


Hi, my equals. Today I’ve decided to give up the ghost. It’s taken the likes of Horg and my anonymous detractor on Formspring to realise it, but this is horribly, horribly wrong. This project has been the very epitome of selfish greedy destruction, the very thing which has our world by the throat and is […]