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Posts from ‘August, 2010’

Contributor Interview #3 – Cody

The time for gloating is done. The victory over the forces of Mark is still a sweet one, but the time for gloating is, as I have stated previously, done. It is time to set my sights forward, onto bigger and better things. Things like finally, after all this time, breaking the fifty-three dollar mark. […]


Brief Update

Greetings again underlings. Were I in any way answerable to you for any of my actions (As a Millionaire, I am not), I might apologise for the lack of recent updates. I will not do this. I will explain though that I did not have time for a contributor interview last week, as I was […]

Victory is ours mine.

Greetings loyal followers. Through your contributions and hard work in getting the word out, we’ve surpassed an important milestone today. Today, I, your ChipIn Millionaire have become the most successful donations-based millionaire on the Internet. Some time after the start of this project, while working back through some of my search term hits, I discovered […]


Analysis for the rest of… you.

Despite the aforementioned delays, here it is as promised, underlings. One analysis. As you can see, I’ve made some progress since our last update and I’m getting very close to a major milestone. What is the milestone? Well, I can’t make the announcement until I pass it, can I? What I can announce though is […]


Analysis Delay

Greetings Underlings. Just a quick note to let you know that the analysis post I promised has been delayed due to technical issues with the projection package. With a piece of software that complex, it’s bound to go wrong occasionally. When I get an update from technical support, I’ll keep you posted. – The Millionaire.


Contributor Interview #2 – Sigfried

This week I was going to start by apologising for the lateness of the interview. I was going to explain that I had some timezone issues with the contributor I was originally intending to interview and had to have another contributor step in at the last moment to save the day. I would apologise and […]

Poor Use of a Million Dollars.

Greetings again my loyal readers.

In my travels across the Internet today, I came across the story of a Swedish gentleman. This gentleman has found a novel way to spend a million dollars. It’s one I hadn’t considered, and with good reason.


The Ultimate Goal

Greetings again, workers of the world. Over the last two days, two exceptional people have been brought to my attention. I’ve been scouring the Internet recently because, well, once I’m a Millionaire, I’ll be able to safely quit my job. I can’t honestly say I intend to do so at the moment, but one does […]


Contributor Interview #2

A quick post again today, just to remind you, my loyal plebs that I’ll be doing another Contributor Interview this Friday. If you’ve donated and would like to be my Interviewee for this week, please e-mail me at If you haven’t donated and would like to be my Interviewee, there’s only one thing for […]


For new readers.

For those of you who have only just joined us, I’d like to do a recap of the idea behind all this… business. It’s pretty simple really. You give me money. I take it. For those having trouble with the concept, no doubt due to a working class education, I’d like to illustrate with a […]