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Merry Christmas

Season’s greetings to you underlings. It is again that time of year where trees are murdered and houses are draped in foil, crystals and lighting in a desperate attempt to make your lower class lives seem that much more lavish and extravagant. Your houses turn into grotesque mockeries of Millionaire Estates, while mine briefly and […]

A Close Shave

Greetings once again, lowlings. It is I, once again, your Millionaire, bidding you good day. And how, I hear you ask, can one ensure that it is a good day? Well, my friends readers it’s quite simple. There are three simple steps, which I am happy to enlighten you on. Be a Millionaire ??? Good […]


The Changing Outlook.

Greetings again underlings. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my change in outlook. As many have pointed out, while I am not yet a Millionaire, I am the Millionaire and I’ve had a few queries regarding how this whole thing works. Well, you see it’s quite simple. A great man once said […]

For new readers.

For those of you who have only just joined us, I’d like to do a recap of the idea behind all this… business. It’s pretty simple really. You give me money. I take it. For those having trouble with the concept, no doubt due to a working class education, I’d like to illustrate with a […]


Interview Prelude

Hello again wageslaves. Welcome once again to the ChipIn Millionaire. I’ve had a bit of inactivity over the last week, which I apologise greatly for. By way of explanation, let us just say that I have been forced to participate in manual labour in exchange for compensation. This situation is unfortunate for both of us, […]

I’ve made it to the big time.

Many, many thanks to you, my lower class friends. The website hit a new milestone yesterday. I, your favorite Millionaire, have had to moderate spam comments. I’ve made it. I am somebody. Clearly, people think that by adding their unsolicited advertising here on the ChipIn Millionaire, they can draw some serious water. Twice now they […]