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Merry Christmas

Season’s greetings to you underlings. It is again that time of year where trees are murdered and houses are draped in foil, crystals and lighting in a desperate attempt to make your lower class lives seem that much more lavish and extravagant. Your houses turn into grotesque mockeries of Millionaire Estates, while mine briefly and […]

(Allegedly) Keeping the Rabble Down.

Greetings Rabble. Just a brief check in this time as I continue with my incredible many-part epic, which I hope shall be drawn to a conclusion soon. Today, I wish to share with you the tale of a Millionaire who knows how to get things achieved. This man knows that in order to stay in […]


The Ultimate Goal

Greetings again, workers of the world. Over the last two days, two exceptional people have been brought to my attention. I’ve been scouring the Internet recently because, well, once I’m a Millionaire, I’ll be able to safely quit my job. I can’t honestly say I intend to do so at the moment, but one does […]


When I’m a Millionaire, I’m either going to buy a coffee plantation or pay people to leave me alone until at least 10am. – The Millionaire. blog