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The Help

This time, we’re talking about the one thing any Millionaire with self respect would never do. Manual labour. Millionaires don’t do things. We pay people to do those things.

A Quick Clarification

Greetings again, wageslaves. It is I again, the Millionaire, with a very brief update. In my last post I mentioned my Millionaire trousers. Many of my less fortunate fans have e-mailed me asking what Million dollar trousers are exactly. I can only pity the soul who is so destitute to have no idea what Million […]


Getting there like a Millionaire

Greetings again my underprivileged readers! The time has come to discuss one of the many ways I intend to spend your money. Of course, one of the most important things for anyone, let alone a Millionaire, is travelling in style. Of course, a Millionaire has a wider range of far, far more stylish options than […]

My (former) People.

Hi-ho plebs! Welcome back to another fascinating installment here at ChipIn Millionaire. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we’re not a dating site, we’re a relationship giving me seemingly inconsequential sums of money site. So please, encourage your friends to give me seemingly inconsequential sums of money. All of them. As […]


Fitting In

Greetings again my very, very generous friends.

I write to you today of the trouble I shall face once I have become a millionaire. Of course, being a millionaire, I will need to reduce my association with non-millionaires and enjoy all that life has to offer at millionaire parties. The problem comes when you consider fitting in. As a newly raised millionaire, I will need to purchase several things. This post discusses the most important of all, the Top Hat.