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Poor use of a Million Dollars – Volume II

Greetings once again underlings. I come to you to bring you a story of great woe which has befallen one of my├é┬ábrethren. Before I continue too far, however, I should point out that the title of this post, while in keeping with the title of the previous post on this topic, is not entirely true. […]

A Close Shave

Greetings once again, lowlings. It is I, once again, your Millionaire, bidding you good day. And how, I hear you ask, can one ensure that it is a good day? Well, my friends readers it’s quite simple. There are three simple steps, which I am happy to enlighten you on. Be a Millionaire ??? Good […]

Fitting In – Part 2.

Greetings uncultured swine. It is I, your Millionaire once again bringing you all the latest style information from the upper echelons of society. In this iteration, I bring something to keep your hands engaged. I bring you something to be held with a Millionaire’s iron grip. A tool to allow your hands to look distinguished […]

(Allegedly) Keeping the Rabble Down.

Greetings Rabble. Just a brief check in this time as I continue with my incredible many-part epic, which I hope shall be drawn to a conclusion soon. Today, I wish to share with you the tale of a Millionaire who knows how to get things achieved. This man knows that in order to stay in […]


A Penthouse Plan

Greetings again, Plebs. I bring you some news from my Millionaire style department, and it seems that one of my illustrious associates has opted to make over his expensive New York Apartments in a unique manner, as befits a Millionaire. Of course, whether or not his particular style has merit is is not up for […]


Millionaire’s Garage Sale

Greetings once again peasants. I bring you news of the movements of a fellow Millionaire. You may recall some time ago I analysed the style of my fellow Millionaires, and mentioned the stylings of Slash, Lead Millionaire for the Rock and Roll groups Guns and Roses and Velvet Revolver. Well, this particular Millionaire seems to […]

Another Theft

Hello again blue collar workers of the world. It is with heavy heart that once again I, your beloved Millionaire come to you to speak of a crime perpetrated against my person. For some reason, it seems that those who are less fortunate feel the need to strike out at those of us who have […]

Millionaire Vacations

Greetings once again peons. As I declared last time, in this post I will bring you a gift of knowledge, because that’s the kind of benevolent millionaire I am. As those who have read the aforementioned previous post should well know, my time between postings has been spent investigating Millionaire leisure time in great detail, […]

The Changing Outlook.

Greetings again underlings. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my change in outlook. As many have pointed out, while I am not yet a Millionaire, I am the Millionaire and I’ve had a few queries regarding how this whole thing works. Well, you see it’s quite simple. A great man once said […]

Poor Use of a Million Dollars.

Greetings again my loyal readers.

In my travels across the Internet today, I came across the story of a Swedish gentleman. This gentleman has found a novel way to spend a million dollars. It’s one I hadn’t considered, and with good reason.