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Typographical Analysis.

Hello again my humble peons. It’s once again time for an analysis post, that special kind of post where we pretend prove that there is something even vaguely scientific about this whole process. Today, my focus will be on my work to payoff ratio, just to give you poor workers an idea of just how […]


Analysis for the rest of… you.

Despite the aforementioned delays, here it is as promised, underlings. One analysis. As you can see, I’ve made some progress since our last update and I’m getting very close to a major milestone. What is the milestone? Well, I can’t make the announcement until I pass it, can I? What I can announce though is […]

A Briefish Progress Analysis

Hail and well met, humble traveler. It is once again I, your Millionaire. I thought today that we might like to take a quick look at the statistics that have been generated by the site so far. 7 days have passed since we started this wild million dollar ride and in that time, we’ve had […]


Fiscal Projections

Welcome once again to a new day of money-making, my very, very generous friends.

It is time once again to discuss our progress on the million-dollar goal.


Current Estimates!

Greetings my less-fortunate friends.

Time to give you guys a quick update on how this online non-charity telethon is coming along. Remember, our operators are standing by to take your money. Please, give as much as you can to this very, very … existing cause.