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Poor use of a Million Dollars – Volume II

Greetings once again underlings. I come to you to bring you a story of great woe which has befallen one of my brethren. Before I continue too far, however, I should point out that the title of this post, while in keeping with the title of the previous post on this topic, is not entirely true. […]


A Close Shave

Greetings once again, lowlings. It is I, once again, your Millionaire, bidding you good day. And how, I hear you ask, can one ensure that it is a good day? Well, my friends readers it’s quite simple. There are three simple steps, which I am happy to enlighten you on. Be a Millionaire ??? Good […]


Millionaire Vacations

Greetings once again peons. As I declared last time, in this post I will bring you a gift of knowledge, because that’s the kind of benevolent millionaire I am. As those who have read the aforementioned previous post should well know, my time between postings has been spent investigating Millionaire leisure time in great detail, […]


A fine expenditure

Welcome back again, labourers. I come back to you after an admittedly overlong absence in order to inform you of an excellent purchase for someone of my exceptional wealth and class. I’ve been informed by a reliable source that it is a reasonable investment, even for a layperson. An early prototype of a fully contained […]

Poor Use of a Million Dollars.

Greetings again my loyal readers.

In my travels across the Internet today, I came across the story of a Swedish gentleman. This gentleman has found a novel way to spend a million dollars. It’s one I hadn’t considered, and with good reason.


Getting there like a Millionaire

Greetings again my underprivileged readers! The time has come to discuss one of the many ways I intend to spend your money. Of course, one of the most important things for anyone, let alone a Millionaire, is travelling in style. Of course, a Millionaire has a wider range of far, far more stylish options than […]

Fitting In

Greetings again my very, very generous friends.

I write to you today of the trouble I shall face once I have become a millionaire. Of course, being a millionaire, I will need to reduce my association with non-millionaires and enjoy all that life has to offer at millionaire parties. The problem comes when you consider fitting in. As a newly raised millionaire, I will need to purchase several things. This post discusses the most important of all, the Top Hat.


Spending the Cash

They say your first million is the hardest to make, and I’m certainly finding that to be true at the moment. $0.00 is not the most impressive amount, but I’ve been at this for a day now and I have to persevere.

So, here’s the big problem I face at the moment. Once I have my One Million Dollars, I’ll then need to spend it somehow. Of course, that’s going to have to be my cross to bear, but I do intend to burden my readers with my whining about it.