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Contributor Interview #5 – Elnorah

Welcome back to the Contributor Interview series, my adoring public! This week, I interview the 15th contributor to my Millionaire fund and the first female contributor. No, concerned reader, I do not risk a work overload by interviewing two people at once, for they are the same contributor! This is a donor who also has […]

Contributor Interview #4: Ben Factor.

Welcome once again loyal fans to the Interview segment, where I take one of the brave, bold, shining examples of humanity that has contributed to the cause and ask them some questions. Once this has taken place, I record their answers to said questions and we have ourselves a Contributor Interview. This time, we talk […]

Contributor Interview #3 – Cody

The time for gloating is done. The victory over the forces of Mark is still a sweet one, but the time for gloating is, as I have stated previously, done. It is time to set my sights forward, onto bigger and better things. Things like finally, after all this time, breaking the fifty-three dollar mark. […]

Contributor Interview #2 – Sigfried

This week I was going to start by apologising for the lateness of the interview. I was going to explain that I had some timezone issues with the contributor I was originally intending to interview and had to have another contributor step in at the last moment to save the day. I would apologise and […]

Contributor Interview #2

A quick post again today, just to remind you, my loyal plebs that I’ll be doing another Contributor Interview this Friday. If you’ve donated and would like to be my Interviewee for this week, please e-mail me at If you haven’t donated and would like to be my Interviewee, there’s only one thing for […]

Contributor Interview #1 – Price

Welcome to the first of my weekly contributor interviews. This week, I was lucky enough to get in contact with my very first contributor, Price. Let’s see what he has to say. Millionaire: Hi there, donor. What name would you like to use for the purposes of today’s interview? Price: Price. Millionaire: So, Price. Would […]