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Another Theft

Hello again blue collar workers of the world. It is with heavy heart that once again I, your beloved Millionaire come to you to speak of a crime perpetrated against my person. For some reason, it seems that those who are less fortunate feel the need to strike out at those of us who have […]

A Triumphant Return

Greetings once more, underlings. It is I, once again, your faithful Millionaire. I have recently spent a great deal of time practicing my Millionaire holidaying abilities, and so it seems, not enough time conversing with my readership and furthering my own Millionairehood. Those days, my dear friends loyal followers are, for now at least, at […]


A Robbery

Greeting Plebes. I, your humble Millionaire have something to report. I was robbed today. Or rather, I should say that we were robbed today. That’s right contributors and contributors to be, some jealous individual has seen fit to remove €110 from my Paypal account earlier today. As the recipient of your hard earned money, I […]


A Brief Poll.

Greetings once again underlings. As you may have noticed, for vocational reasons, I have had to cease my writings briefly. Unfortunately, still being caged at I am in my working life, my Millionaire mindset suffers, leaving me in a temporarily comatose state, or as I like to call it, temporarily lower class. To prevent this […]


Hello once again, loyal readers. It’s time to discuss the biggest of all questions. Why? Why do this? Why ask people to contribute money so that you can become a millionaire? The answer is very simple, when you consider the alternatives. No, I’m not talking about being a poor person. That’s not an alternative. That’s […]

Brief Update

Greetings again underlings. Were I in any way answerable to you for any of my actions (As a Millionaire, I am not), I might apologise for the lack of recent updates. I will not do this. I will explain though that I did not have time for a contributor interview last week, as I was […]


Victory is ours mine.

Greetings loyal followers. Through your contributions and hard work in getting the word out, we’ve surpassed an important milestone today. Today, I, your ChipIn Millionaire have become the most successful donations-based millionaire on the Internet. Some time after the start of this project, while working back through some of my search term hits, I discovered […]

Analysis Delay

Greetings Underlings. Just a quick note to let you know that the analysis post I promised has been delayed due to technical issues with the projection package. With a piece of software that complex, it’s bound to go wrong occasionally. When I get an update from technical support, I’ll keep you posted. – The Millionaire.


Contributor Interview #2

A quick post again today, just to remind you, my loyal plebs that I’ll be doing another Contributor Interview this Friday. If you’ve donated and would like to be my Interviewee for this week, please e-mail me at If you haven’t donated and would like to be my Interviewee, there’s only one thing for […]


A new feature.

Greetings plebs! Just a quick update today to let you all know that on Friday, I’m intending to start a new feature, where I interview one of the Millionaire’s generous donors. If you’ve donated and you’d like to be included in the interviews, please drop me a line at If you want to be […]